Got scammed in Irvine yesterday 10/6/15 on Culver drive, small shopping center.

Italian rep coming from fashion show....

Looking for JW airport to catch is flight to Ny and Milano....

He wanted to give his sample jackets from the fashion because of tax at the airport.....

Same old story than everyone.

Cost me $170 for 4 jackets.

He pulled another bag of 3 jacquets and asked $1000 after $500. He showed me the ATM. I became very suspicious and I told him that I had to go. He was very nice but tenacious, I gentlty pushed him a side to get in my car and left. As soon as I came back home, I did google it to find out that I got scammed.

Very upsetting but a good learning lesson for a senior man that should know better!

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Just happened to me :-(

A guy approached me at the parking lot of Home Depot in West Long Branch, NJ asking for directions to the parkway, looking for the airport.After telling him where to go he hands me his business card with the name: Francesco, Director Designer, Georgi Armani (Something like that).

And he goes on acting like he was thankful for me taking my time to help and said that he was doing business locally and that he has some sample jackets left that he wanted to give me.

He said he was leaving in 4 days and that he didn't want to pay tax. said that one jacket cost $800, said it was real leather, even held a lighter against it. Made it very very convincing. making a long talk short.

he leads me into buying 9 jackets.

I paid $900 for it.I feel sick to my stomach about this, can not believe this happened to me.


I ve same story , encountered in front of ATM at Charlotte, NC the guy looking very gentle park the car beside me and rolled down the window give good smile tell same story as others fashion designer , need to go to airport wanna give me gift 3 jackets asked me $500 for one jacket take $$240 from me for 4 jacket, comes to know I'm scammed badly, get lesson not to believe anybody for his/ her sweet voice.

Manhattan, New York, United States #1347778

Same scam, to the T!He showed me with open wallet with only Dubai money and on the way to JFK for an Emiretes flight.

Wasn't until I drove off after giving him $50.00 for crappy pleather ghetto jackets that are beyond fake that I realized I had been had.

Must have been an off day.If I ever see that *** again he is getting pounded with his ghetto Armani wanna be jackets.


Just got conned at the gas station near Chinook Mall, Calgary.Lodged Police complaint just now.

I ended up giving $172 for 3 jackets that were apparently from a Armani Shop in Italy called AG Milano. He was pressing me for an Ipad for his kids. It was a scam, I knew it, but I guess my mind wasn't functioning. He showed me a business card, so I felt like he was genuine.

When I looked at the person online, there was no name that matched the one he gave me, Lucio P. I did find a facebook account that had a picture of a man that bore a close resemblance to the man that struck me down. The name of the man in the account is Lucio P. Jimenez, which has the same first and middle name as the name that was on the business card.

But it probably was just a made up name. And the jackets weren't even worth $20 each. What's so annoying is that he's still out there, and the Police don't seem to take the case seriously. I mean, when there's over 364,000 incidents on Google, I'm surprised they haven't stepped up their game.

Honestly, I don't care about the money I lost, but the fact that he's probably setting up somebody right now as you read this.I've realized that he could be a shoplifter too, and I might end up in jail if I have the coats, even if I'm really innocent.

to Jay 84 #1321705

This Lucio just tried to scam me too at a gas station just now claiming that he had to go to airport n not having his credit card to pay for customs or whatever so he offered 4 jackets in return for $300 to buy his son a tablet.

Didn't give him anything.

When I told him to park the car n we'll talk some more he said he needed to go. I did see that he had a credit card claiming it to be company credit card with the name Fabio on it.

Since the name doesnt match his business card and reluctance to show anything but the front of his passport.Red flags n definitely a scammer

Hayward, California, United States #1311198

Came across the scammer.He gave a business card with the name Marco boriello

With gmail: marcoborrfashion357@gmail.com


+39 (333) 3631533

Idk if it's fake info.Someone hit him up

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1303307

This just happened to my husband in Naples Florida. So upsetting. Gave this guy $300 for 6 jackets.


I had the same experience in Ft Myers.


It happend to me today in Chicago . Same story and good lesson for future.

Cost me 160.

Doe any one talked to police ??


Well this just happened to me in redwood city.He was a really nice guy, said he was leaving to Italy in a few hours and he need to buy his daughter a gift before he left.

So out of the kindness of my heart I decided to help him out , and gave him 200.

Minutes later after he left I went only and found this.I hope he is still in town so I can turn him in

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