October 8th, 2015.Redondo Beach, California.

Arco gas station.

I just finished filling up my tank and started my car. This guy rolls up in a brand new BMW X5 in silver and asks if I spoke spanish. I don't, of course. He asked for directions to LAX which was simple enough.

He asked if he could give me a gift for my advice and so I was like ok whatever. I was expecting a T-Shirt but from his backseat he produced a bag labeled AG Milano with 3 jackets inside. I already smell fishy (Read: White Van Speaker Scam) but the guy is so well versed I'm not even mad. I give him $110 and we part ways.

Oh well.I completely forgot to get a picture of the plates.

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Yes.My scammer was so generous for me giving him directions to LAX that he wanted to give me some left overs from his photo shoot.

I offered him $200. He was insulted, it was a gift.

But then he said if I wanted to give his son a new computer, he would take it...that and another $200 from an ATM.

These guys are so good at what they do it's worth the lesson in life.I sure paid.

Anaheim, California, United States #1057452

My buddy just got ripped off by this guy too! Bought 2 jackets total of $100.00 Bad things happen to good people. :(

to Dexter Anaheim, California, United States #1057453

Same type of situation for him too.He was at the gas station, guy said he had to get to airport, didn't wanna pay taxes on his jackets...blah blah..what a joke!

And he gave him the wrong sizes too!Bummer!


Unbelievable it happened to me too exactly the same modus! Good I only gave him $65 for the two jacket. Lesson learned.


Same day same scam in Culver City,.... I was on my way to Redondo ...

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