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In Vancouver, BC 5:15pm March 19, 2011 at Waterloo and W.Broadway.

I had just come out of the bank and a guy pulled up in a new black Chrysler 300C drove up and stopped. He rolled down the window and told me he was lost and asked if I could give him direction to the airport. Well dressed and well spoken with an Italian accent. I gave him directions and he offered my a leather jacket to thank me.

Thought he was very gracious and refused, he insisted and introduced himself as Aldo a representative from an italian company that sold high end leather jackets, Armani, Gucci, GA Milano, etc. Told me he had been in a show at the Convention Centre and had these samples (they were labelled sample) left and didn't really want to take them back to Italy. He then offered to give me the rest of the jackets he had if I were to buy one for $1500. I declined but eventually ended up giving him $300 for seven jackets.

Two in a brown suede material and five black "leather" jackets, various styles. They were all wrapped in plastic with GA Milano lablels. They are not leather but rather what I'm told is referred to as "Pleather" made of a PLC derivative which actually feels, to my touch, very much like my good leather coat, (see how good my touch is). Smooth talker, very personable, had a map of Vancouver on the dash and what looked like an airline ticket folder visibe.

He had an Italian passport in the compartment between the seats that showed he had been in Uruguay and Chile in the past month. Very smooth. Felt like a dummy afterwards, but will offer them to some of my staff. He is a w/m, 6" tall, 185 lbs, italian accent, dark hair, very well groomed and very well dressed.

I knew I had been ripped right after it happened, remembering the "if it is too good to be true, it is too good to be true" mantra. I jumped on the computer and was floored to see the extent of this scam.

Reports from different Europe, USA and Canada that are very similar.


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I just had an encounter with such a con man this noon in Fountain Valley, California.

This Italian accent businessman around 50 years old, parked next to my car and asked me for direction to the Los Angeles International Airport.I gave him the direction.

He did not leave immediately, but told me he was the General Manager of the famous “Emporio Ga Milan” fashion store in Mila, Italy. He was here for a 2 weeks business trip, visiting his store in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. He was given some samples of high end jackets in the range of over $1,000 but he could not bring them back to Italy due to custom tax, so he was going to give some to me. He did not give and leave, but keep talking & showing me more jacket samples.

Because I had to leave to pick up my granddaughter right away, I did not give him the opportunity to sell me anything; he just abruptly took his ‘gifts’ back. I then just left. I was suspecting something fishy about this guy, came home and searched the internet, and BINGO, I was right. Thank God For His Protection that I almost let my greed get me into trouble.

Another lesson was learned today, do not be greedy, if the offer is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Be alert!

- D 12.13.2017 Fountain Valley, California


similar story - Costco car park in Sunbury Surrey - same story - as the 2 in Canada and US


Met him in Tustin, CALIF; Costco Parking lot.

Met the joker and older fella in their rental car yesterday looking for quickest route to LAX...smooth talker, but fake Rolex and lousy business card printing warned my senses.

The more I looked at the shiny jacket that was to be for my wife, the more it looked cheap; even though he took a lighter to show that it wouldn't burn like vinyl.

Quite the showman.

Gave me 5 jackets as a "GIFT" so he wouldn't have to deal with customs and then asked me for a GIFT as he needed some US currency to buy his 8 year old daughter an iPad duty free at Airport as her birthday was the next day.

Showed his Passport as well.

Didn't fall for it.

I put the jackets back in his car and I drove off!Too good to be true.


He's been in Palm Springs Ca.Trader Joes parking lot.

Got me for $60.00 for three jackets.I new it was to good to be true as I passed over the $60.00 to him.


Similar experience happened to me in Elmhurst, Queens NY on 11/27/17. I end up giving $140.00 for 4 jackets.


I had a similar experience too, two years ago in Queens, New York!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1342911

Similar scam running now in Philadelphia.

Bronx, New York, United States #1334583

Just got ripped off on gunhill road Bronx ny same description, same story, driving a black keep Cherokee

Very slick.

to Ed #1335204

I got ripped off by the same guy on Vernon Blvd in Queens...Bronx born and street smart...

I still got scammed. I know the *** merchandise too! I realized as I started to hand the guy money and he was *** about the amount... Wanted to take the jackets back but I refused said it was his loss, I still gave him money as I thought he hustled for it..

Looking back I should've knocked his *** out.

I speak fluent Italian we even spoke about certain parts of Italy not typically known, he had me fooled for a bit...Hopefully the rest of NYC will see this..


Same scam happened to me yesterday 5/24/17 in Danvers, MA.Happened exactly as described.

Smooth talker. Can't believe I fell for it guy told me they were for free..

Gave me 3 of them then asked me for some money.I ended up giving back two jackets but paid $40 for a worthless jacket that my wife says looks horrible on me.

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